Department Facilities

The Department of Biological Sciences is located in Long and Jordan Halls. The major items of equipment belonging to the Department are available to all members of the Department. These equipment items include darkroom facilities, several low speed mid speed and ultra-centrifuges, a liquid scintillation counter, a thermocycler for PCR, computer-controlled equipment such spectrophotometer and fluorimeter plate readers, a real-time PCR machine, and a Fotodyne Gel Documentation System with ethidium bromide, coomassie, green fluorescence and densitometry capabilities.

The department also houses sterilization and glass-washing facilities, walk-in cold rooms and environmental chambers, and fluorescence microscopy facilities. Specialized fee-based campus facilities are also available to all departmental researchers. These include animal facilities, green house facilities confocal and electron microscopy facilities, a DNA sequencing facility, and genomics/proteomics capabilities.

A detailed description of major resources is found below by selecting the thumbnails. This will also allow you to schedule many of these facilities on the page visited.


microscopy CUGI Zeiss LSM510 Laser Confocal Microscope spectroscopy EM Facility
Microscopy Facility
Laser Confocal Microscopy Facility
EM Facility
Real-time PCR Animal Care Facilities (Godley-Snell) Animal Care facilities Greenhouse Facility Bob & Betsy Campbell Museum
Real-Time PCR
Animal Care Facilities
Animal Care Facilities
(Jordan Hall)
Greenhouse Facilities
Bob and Betsy
Campbell Museum
of Natural History