Peter Adler


Contact Information

Phone: 864-656-5044
Fax: 864-656-5069


  • Ph.D. Entomology, The Pennsylvania State University, 1983
  • B.S. (Magna cum laude) Biology, Washington & Lee University, 1976

Research Interests

My research is focused on the behavior, ecology, genetics, and systematics of insects that affect the health and welfare of humans, domestic animals, and wildlife. Current research projects include interactions of biting flies and endangered wildlife such as whooping cranes, behavioral ecology of aquatic flies, global and local biodiversity assessments, taxonomic revisions and phylogenetic inference of the Simuliidae, host-parasite interactions, cytogenetics of biting flies, the role of insects and vector-borne diseases in human history, and the structure and function of the lepidopteran proboscis as a model for microfluidic devices and medical probes. Many of these projects involve collaborative research with colleagues around the world.

Selected Publications

  • Adler, P. H., D. C. Currie & D. M. Wood. 2004. The Black Flies (Simuliidae) of North America. Cornell University Press, Ithaca, NY. xv + 941 pp. + 24 color plates.
  • Foottit, R. G. & P. H. Adler (eds.) 2009. Insect Biodiversity: Science and Society. Wiley-Blackwell Publishing, Chichester. 632 pp. + 6 color plates.
  • Adler, P. H., R. A. Cheke & R. J. Post. 2010. Evolution, epidemiology, and population genetics of black flies (Diptera: Simuliidae). Journal of Molecular Epidemiology and Evolutionary Genetics of Infectious Diseases (= Infection, Genetics and Evolution) 10: 846-865.
  • Adler, P. H., H. C. Tuten & M. P. Nelder. 2011. Arthropods of medicoveterinary importance in zoos. Annual Review of Entomology 56: 123-142.
  • McCreadie, J. W., P. H. Adler & C. E. Beard. 2011. Ecology of symbiotes of larval black flies (Diptera: Simuliidae): distribution, diversity, and scale. Environmental Entomology 40: 289-302.
  • Monaenkova, D., M. S. Lehnert, T. Andrukh, C. E. Beard, B. Rubin, A. Tokarev, W.-K. Lee, P. H. Adler & K. G. Kornev. 2011. Butterfly proboscis: combining a drinking straw with a nanosponge facilitated diversification of feeding habits. Journal of the Royal Society Interface 9: 720-726.
  • McCreadie, J. W. & P. H. Adler. 2012. The roles of abiotic factors, dispersal, and species interactions in structuring stream assemblages of black flies (Diptera: Simuliidae). Aquatic Biosystems 8: 14. 11 pp.

Recent Courses

  • ENT/BIOSC 436/636 – Insect Behavior
  • ENT/BIOSC 400/H400/600 – Insect Morphology
  • ENT/BIOSC 415/615 – Insect Taxonomy

Graduate Students

  • Fredy Alexander Colorado Garzón, Entomology, Ph.D.

Professional Affiliations

  • Entomological Society of America
  • Society for Freshwater Science
  • Sigma Xi Scientific Research Society