J. Antonio Baeza

Assistant Professor

Contact Information

226 Long Hall
Phone: 864-656-2328
FAX: 864-656-0435
Email: jbaezam@clemson.edu

Research Gate


  • Ph.D. Environmental & Evolutionary Biology, University of Louisiana, Lafayette, 2006
  • M.S. Marine Sciences, Universidad Católica del Norte, Chile, 1999
  • Lic.S. Marine Biology, Universidad Católica del Norte, Chile, 1996

Research Interests

  • Evolutionary Ecology and Behavioral Ecology of Marine Organisms
  • Social, Mating and Sexual Systems of Marine Organisms
  • Molecular Phylogenetics & Phylogeography of Marine Organisms
  • Marine & Freshwater Fisheries, Ornamental Marine Organisms
  • Marine Biodiversity and Biogeography

Selected Publications

  • Pfaller, J.B., Alfaro-Shigueto, J., Guffoni, B., Ishihara, T., Mangel, J.C., Peckham, S.H., Bjorndal, K.A., & J. A. Baeza. 2014. Social monogamy in the crab Planes major, a facultative symbiont of loggerhead sea turtles. Journal of Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology 461: 124–132.
  • Moss J., D. Behringer, J.D. Shields, J.A. Baeza, A. Aguilar-Perera, P.G. Bush, C. Dromer, A. Herrera-Moreno, L. Gittens, T.R. Matthews, M.R. McCord, M.T. Schärer, L. Reynal, N. Truelove, and M.J. Butler. 2013. Distribution, prevalence, and genetic analysis of Panulirus argus Virus I from the Caribbean Sea. Disease of Aquatic Organisms 104: 129–140.
  • Baeza, J.A., R. Ritson-Williams, and M.S. Fuentes. 2013. Sexual and mating system in a caridean shrimp symbiotic with the winged pearl oyster in the Coral Triangle. Journal of Zoology 289: 172–181.
  • Anker, A. and J.A. Baeza. 2012. Morphological and molecular phylogeny of hooded shrimps, genera Betaeus and Betaeopsis (Decapoda, Caridea, Alpheidae): testing the Center of Origin biogeographic model and evolution of life habits. Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution 64: 401–415.
  • Baeza, J.A. 2010 The symbiotic lifestyle and its evolutionary consequences: social monogamy and sex allocation in the hermaphroditic shrimp Lysmata pederseni. Naturwissenschaften 97: 729–741.
  • Rivadeneira, M.M., P. Hernáez, J.A. Baeza, S. Boltaña, M. Cifuentes, C. Correa, A. Cuevas, E. del Valle, I. Hinojosa, N. Ulrich, N. Valdivia, N. Vásquez, A. Zander, and M. Thiel. 2010. Testing the abundant-center hypothesis using intertidal porcelain crabs along the Chilean coast: linking abundance and distribution to life history variation. Journal of Biogeography. 37: 486–498.
  • Baeza, J.A. 2007. Sex allocation in a simultaneously hermaphroditic marine shrimp. Evolution 61: 2360–2373.
  • Baeza, J.A. and M. Thiel. 2007. The mating system of symbiotic crustaceans: a conceptual model based on optimality and ecological constraints (Chapter 12). In: Evolutionary Ecology of Social and Sexual Systems: Crustaceans as Model Organisms (J.E. Duffy and M. Thiel, eds). Oxford University Press. Pp. 250-267.
  • Baeza, J.A., and R.T. Bauer. 2004. Experimental test of social mediation of sex change in a protandric sequential hermaphrodite; the marine shrimp Lysmata wurdemanni (Crustacea: Caridea). Behavioral Ecology and Sociobiology 55: 544–550.

    Recent Courses

      • BIOSC 302 & H302 – Invertebrate Biology

        Graduate Students

          • Opportunities for Graduate Students will Open Soon

          Professional Affiliations

          • Sexuality and Early Development in Aquatic Organisms (SEDAO), Inter-Research Science Center, Oldendorf / Luhe, Germany. Editorial Board Member and Contributing Editor.
          • Journal of the Marine Biological Association of the United Kingdom, Marine Biological Association, U.K. Editorial Board Member.
          • Journal of Crustacean Biology, Brill, The Netherlands & The Crustacean Society, USA. Editorial Board Member, Associate Editor for Book Reviews.
          • Crustaceana, Brill, The Netherlands. Editorial Board Member.