Patrick G. Jodice

Leader, USGS South Carolina Cooperative Fish & Wildlife Research Unit

Associate Professor, School of Agriculture, Forest, and Environmental Sciences

Contact Information

Phone: 864 656-6190
FAX: 864 656-1034


  • Ph.D. Wildlife Science, Oregon State University, 1999
  • M.S. Forest Resources & Conservation, University of Florida 1990
  • B.S. Wildlife Management, University of Maine, 1979

Research Interests

  • Avian reproductive energetics
  • Foraging ecology
  • Conservation physiology
  • Ecology and conservation of marine and coastal birds

Selected Publications

  • * = graduate student advisee
  • Giles, M.M.*, P.G.R. Jodice, R.F. Baldwin, J. Stanton, and M. Epstein. In press. Spring migratory pathways and migration chronology of Canada Geese wintering at the Santee NWR. Canadian Field Naturalist.
  • Brooks, G.L.*, F.J. Sanders, P.D. Gerard, and P.G.R. Jodice. 2013. Daily survival rate for nests and chicks of Least Terns (Sternula antillarum). Waterbirds 36:1-10.
  • Jodice, P.G.R., J. Tavano, W. Mackin. In Press. Chapter 8: Marine Birds and Bats. In: Michel, J. (ed.). 2012. South Atlantic Information Resources: Data Search and Literature Synthesis. U.S. Department of the Interior, Bureau of Ocean Energy Management, Regulation, and Enforcement, Gulf of Mexico OCS Region, New Orleans, LA. OCS Study BOEM 2012-xxx. 805 pp.
  • Vander Pol, S.S., D.W. Anderson, P.G.R. Jodice, and J.E. Stuckey. 2012. East versus west: organic contaminant differences in Brown Pelican eggs from South Carolina, USA and the Gulf of California, Mexico. Science and the Total Environment 438: 527-532.
  • Jodice, P.G.R., L.C. Wickliffe*, E.B. Sachs*. 2011. Seabird use of discards from a nearshore shrimp fishery in the South Atlantic Bight, USA. Marine Biology 158:2289-2298. 
  • Jodice, P.G.R., and R.M. Suryan. 2010. The transboundary nature of seabird ecology. Pages 139-165 In Landscape Scale Conservation Planning (S. Trembulak and R. Baldwin, eds.). Springer.
  • Hand, C.*, F. Sanders, P.G.R. Jodice. 2010. Foraging proficiency during the nonbreeding season in a specialized forager: Are juvenile American Oystercatchers (Haematopus palliatus) 'bumble-beaks'* compared to adults? Condor 112:670-675.
  • Thibault, J.*, F. Sanders, P.G.R. Jodice. 2010. Parental attendance and brood success in American Oystercatchers. Waterbirds 33:511-517.
  • Wickliffe, L.C.*, P.G.R. Jodice. 2010. Abundance of nearshore seabirds at shrimp trawlers in South Carolina. Marine Ornithology 38:31-39.
  • Eggert, L.M.F. *, P.G.R. Jodice, K.M. O’Reilly. 2010. Stress response of Brown Pelican nestlings to ectoparasite infestation. General and Comparative Endocrinology. 166: 33-38.
  • Sachs, E.B.*, and P.G.R. Jodice. 2009. Behavior of parent and nestling Brown Pelicans during early brood-rearing. Waterbirds 32:276-281.
  • 20. Jodice, P.G.R., D.D. Roby, K.R. Turco, R.M. Suryan, D.B. Irons, J.F. Piatt, M.T. Shultz, D.G. Roseneau, A.B. Kettle. 2008. Growth rates of Black- legged Kittiwake Rissa tridactyla chicks in relation to delivery rate, size and energy density of meals. Marine Ornithology 36:107-114.
  • Eggert, L.M.F.*, P.G.R. Jodice. 2008. Growth of Brown Pelican nestlings exposed to sublethal levels of soft tick infestation. Condor 110:134-142.
  • Jodice, P.G.R., T.M. Murphy, F. J. Sanders, L. Ferguson*. 2007. Longterm Trends in Nest Counts of Colonial Nesting Seabirds in South Carolina, USA. Waterbirds 30:40-51.
  • Jodice, P.G.R., D.D. Roby, K.R. Turco, R.M. Suryan, D.B. Irons, J.F. Piatt, M.T. Shultz, D.G. Roseneau, A.B. Kettle, J.A. Anthony. 2006. Assessing the nutritional stress hypothesis: the relative influence of diet quantity and quality on seabird productivity. Marine Ecology Progress Series 325:267-279.
  • Jodice, P.G.R., D.D. Roby, R. Suryan, D.B. Irons, K.R. Turco, E.D. Brown, J.F. Thedinga, G.H. Visser. 2006. Increased energy expenditure by a seabird in response to higher food abundance. Marine Ecology Progress Series 306:283-293.
  • Jodice, P.G.R., D.M. Epeprson, G.H. Visser. 2006. Daily energy expenditure in free-ranging gopher tortoises (Gopherus polyphmeus). Copeia 2006:129-136.
  • Jodice, P.G.R., D.D. Roby, R. Suryan, D.B. Irons, G.H. Visser, M. Kaufmann, K.R. Turco.  2003. Variation in energy expenditure among Black-legged Kittiwakes: effects of activity-specific metabolic rates and activity budgets. Physiological and Biochemical Zoology. 76:375-388.
  • Jodice, P.G.R., D.D. Roby, V.A. Gill, S.A. Hatch, R.B. Lanctot, G.H. Visser. 2002. Does food availability constrain energy expenditure of black-legged kittiwakes raising young? A supplemental feeding experiment.  Canadian Journal of Zoology 80:214-222.

Recent Courses

  • WFB 861 – Foundations of Ecology
  • BIOSC 861 – Ecological Energetics

Graduate Students

  • Juliet Lamb, Wildlife & Fisheries Biology, Ph.D.
  • Liz Zinsser, Wildlife & Fisheries Biology, M.S.
  • Caroline Poli, Wildlife & Fisheries Biology, M.S.

Professional Affiliations

  • Pacific Seabird Group (Past Chair)
  • World Seabird Union (Board of Directors)
  • Waterbird Society
  • Society for Conservation Biology
  • Wildlife Society