Stephen J. Klaine


Contact Information

Phone: 864-646-2961


  • Ph.D. Environmental Science, Rice University, 1982
  • M.S. Environmental Science, Rice University, l98l
  • B.S. Biology, University of Cincinnati, 1974

Research Interests

  • My research focuses on the fate and effects of contaminants in the environment. Specifically, I am interested in contaminants that migrate from various land uses into aquatic ecosystems and their effects on aquativ plants and animals. My laboratory studies contaminant effects on fish, aquatic invertebrates, plants and algae. Currently, we are studying the toxicity of metals and pesticides. In addition, we are collaborating with social scientists to develop strategies that facilitate the coexistence oc economically sound land use with good environmental quality.

Selected Publications

  • Long, K.E. and S.J. Klaine. Copper toxicity to Daphnia magna in low hardness waters. SETAC annual meeting, Nashville, TN, November, 2000.
  • Smink, J.A. and S.J. Klaine. Suspected effects of intense vegetabel farming on groundwater drinking supply. SETAC annual meeting, Nashville, TN, November, 2000.
  • Knuteson, S.L. and S.J. Klaine. Tolerance of two varieties of Canna hybrida for golf course pesticides. SETAC annual meeting, Nashville, TN, November, 2000
  • Casey, R.E., M.D. Taylor, S.J. Klaine. Localization of denitrifying activity in preferential flow pores in riparian wetlands. SETAC annual meeting, Nashville, TN, November, 2000.
  • Karen, D.J. P.E. Ross, S.J. Klaine. The effects of episodic TCP exposure on Fundulus heteroclitus. SETAC annual meeting, Nashville, TN, November, 2000.
  • Ryan, A.C., E.J. VanGenderen, R.E. Casey, J.R. Tomasso, S.J. Klaine. Influence of dissolved natural organic matter on copper and silver toxicity to larval fathead minnows (Pimephales promelas). SETAC annual meeting, Nashville, TN, November, 2000.

Recent Courses

  • Introduction to Toxicology
  • Principles of Toxicology
  • Experimental Toxicology
  • Introduction to Environmental Science
  • Fate of Chemicals in the Environment Ecotoxicology
  • Aquatic Toxicology
  • Chemodynamics
  • Sediment Toxicology and Chemistry Environmental Toxicology.

Graduate Students

  • K. Long, Ph.D. Response of Daphnia magna to metals under episodic exposure scenarios
  • Eric Van Genderen, Ph.D. Spatial and Temporal Variation in the influence of Natural Organic Matter to ameliorate copper toxicity
  • Adam Ryan, Ph.D. Copper binding capacity of Natural Organic Matter from different sources and it's impact on Copper Toxicity
  • Carla Thomas, Ph.D.
  • Kim Kosick, M.S. Ion regulation in Daphnia magna under sublethal metal exposure
  • Tham Chung Hoang, M.S. Influence of water quality characteristices on Nickel Toxicity to aquatic organisms
  • Katie Sciera, M.S.

Professional Affiliations

  • American Institute of Biological Sciences l977
  • Society of Industrial Microbiology l977
  • Weed Science Society of America l979
  • Aquatic Plant Management Society l979
  • Florida Aquatic Plant Management Society l979
  • Soc. of Environ. Toxicology and Chemistry l980
  • American Society of Plant Physiology l98l
  • North American Lake Management Society l985
  • Plant Growth Regulator Society l986