Thomas E. Schwedler


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Phone: 864 656-2810


  • American Fisheries Society . Special Publication 41-660
  • Effects of therapeutic agents on immune function in fish.
  • Health assessment and system design for ornamental fish.
Dr. Schwedler conducts research in fish health management and production systems development. His research in fish health management is primarily concerned with pathogen/host interactions. The focus of this research has been to evaluate the effect of both therapeutic agents and environmental changes on the immune system of fish. Ongoing research is being undertaken to determine how water quality management, nutritional status, and disease intervention effect the fish's ability to fight infectious diseases. The ultimate goal of this research is to gain a better understanding of how fish combat diseases and what management changes will help insure better health of fish in aquaculture settings.

Current research in fish health includes: basic research on the immune system of fish, development of assays for immune system evaluation, drug efficacy and vaccination protocols. Research in production systems management have include: reduction of variability through sorting, increased production through cohort manipulation, development of cold-water feeding strategies for channel catfish, nutritional requirements of fish in confinement and improved yields through staging and multiple cohort stocking strategies.
Current research is to evaluate a new production system called Partition Aquaculture System. The system is designed to increase yield of fish per acre by as much as three-fold. The system involves intensive production of fish in confinement with aggressive waste and water quality management. The system was designed to product more fish with less environmental impact at a lower cost. The water quality and waste management are computer driven monitors and controllers which produce a better environment of the fish while reducing labor.

Selected Publications

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