Thomas R. Scott


Contact Information

Phone: 864 656-4027
FAX: 864 656-0435


  • Ph.D. University of Georgia, 1983
  • M.S. Louisiana State University, 1979
  • B.S. Louisiana State University, 1976

Research Interests

  • Conducting research in the area of cellular immunology. Projects include examining the immunological nature of the avian Harderian gland by determining the expression of immune factors and mediators that regulate immunity in the gland, cloning and expression of cDNA for a protein with extracellular matrix protein properties that binds to breast cancer cells, and determination of lymph node extracts on the activities of cells in culture. In all cases, proteins or factors that influence the regulation or modulation of cellular activity are being studied in order to better understand immune factor influences on cell through various receptors.

Selected Publications

  • J.L. Herlong, T.R. Scott. 2006. Positioning prostanoids of the D and J series in the immunopathogenic scheme. Immunology Letters 102:121–131. (Download)
  • Scott T.R., A.R. Messersmith, W.J. McCrary, J.L. Herlong, S.C. Burgess. 2005. Hematopoietic prostaglandin D2 synthase in the chicken Harderian gland. Veterinary immunology and immunopathology 108:295–306. (Download)
  • Scott, T.R. 2004. Our Current Understanding of Humoral Immunity of Poultry. Poultry Science 83:574–579. (Download)

Recent Courses

  • MICRO 414/614 - Basic Immunology
  • AVS 825 - Immunobiology

Graduate Students

  • Brittany Turner, Ph.D. Microbiology
  • Danelle Duffy, M.S. Animal & Veterinary Sciences

Professional Affiliations

  • Blue Key - Honorary member