Clemson University Arthropod Collection

The Collection

The Clemson University Arthropod Collection consists of nearly 800,000 specimens from Classes Insecta, Arachnida, Branchipoda, Copepoda, Diplopoda, and Chilopoda. There are over 600,000 specimens preserved in ethyl alcohol and over 150,000 specimens in the pinned collection. The most well-represented order is Trichoptera, with almost 300,000 specimens.

In addition, a collection of black flies (Simuliidae) is maintained under the direction of Dr. Peter H. Adler at the Cherry Farm Insectary, which is located 1 mile from the central Clemson University Arthropod Collection. It consists of about 5,000 ethanol vials, 5,000 acetic ethanol vials, several thousand pinned specimens, and a photographic bank of polytene chromosomes. The collection contains representatives of nearly all North American species, is rich in Palearctic material, and also contains representatives from the Australasian, Neotropical, and Oriental Regions. Complementing the collection are five file cabinets containing about 6,000 reprints related to black flies.

Current Specimens by Order as of January 2006 (.pdf document)

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