Clemson University Arthropod Collection


Tour the Collection: 8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. M-F except University holidays. Arrange your tour through the Clemson University Visitors Center or the Collection Director.

Loan Policies

Type specimens are sent, and must be returned, by registered airmail. Holotypes named from borrowed material should be deposited in a major entomological collection (not that of Clemson University). At least one male and one female paratype named from borrowed material must be returned to Clemson University. Borrowed types and all unique specimens must be returned. Retention of duplicate specimens is permitted only by prior written arrangement with the curator. No specimens of the loan may be forwarded to a third party without written permission of the curator. Unless otherwise stated, specimens may be dissected for study. Dissected parts must be mounted or stored in a manner that best prevents loss or disassociation. A separate identification label should be placed on each pin or slide or in each vial. Maintain the “Clemson University Entomological Collection” tag with each pin, slide or vial. Forward a reprint of each publcation resulting from the use of loaned specimens. A request for renewal of a loan must be made in writing prior to the due date.