Welcome to the SC Miridae Factsheets

The CUAC holds pinned and alcohol preserved specimens of Hemiptera: Heteroptera: Miridae collected in SC and other parts of the country. Many mirids, through their feeding habits, have a major impact on vegetable, fruit, forage and row crop production as well as ornamental plant production. For some of the more injurious species, a great deal of research has gone into understanding their life cycles in order to devise methods of control. Much of this research continues. For other species, especially those found on trees and shrubs, little is yet known about their habits.

The common name of Plant Bugs for mirids reflects the close relationship between these insects and the plant community. Not all species of the Miridae are plant feeders though; many are zoophagous.  A number of the species that predominantly feed on plants are also known to feed on other arthropods, especially other insects or their eggs. As a result, these species may be viewed as beneficials as well as pests.

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