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The Clemson Forages program seeks to evaluate the effects of various forage species on stocking rate, animal performance, carcass characteristics and economic returns of forage-fed beef production. In addition, other grazing trials are also evaluating the effects of tall fescue on animal growth rates and reproductive performance of beef cattle.

Contact Information:

John Andrae
Associate Professor
Entomology, Soils & Plant Sciences
Clemson University

Office: 274 Poole Agricultural Center
Telephone: 864-656-3504
FAX: 864-656-3443

Dept. of Entomology, Soils, & Plant Sciences
276 Poole Agricultural Center
Clemson, SC 29634-0315


70% Extension/30% Research


Entomology, Soils, and Plant Sciences 80%/Animal and Veterinary Sciences 20%


A general overview of the importance of forage crops can be viewed in the You Tube video below: