Clemson Forage Extension Programs

Forage programming currently focuses on three “umbrella” areas. These areas will use a combination of publications, workshops, on-farm demonstrations and applied research at the Simpson Farm and Edisto Research and Education Center. 

Improving Grazing Efficiency Extension Program

Extension agent providing farmers with information about grazing while standing in a pasture.This program will improve forage management by encouraging adoption of rotational grazing, legume incorporation etc. Currently multiple programs are being delivered across SC and GA which are delivering information on decreasing risk and improving productivity of grazed pastures. A fee-based introductory “Grass Masters” workshop will be delivered across the state to give producers a solid foundation of forage management skills to build upon. Grazing schools will be developed and delivered across SC to expand this knowledge in coming months and years.

Decreasing Hay Needs Extension Program

Decreasing hay needs program will incorporate grazing management, as well as encouraging establishment of complimentary species, stockpiling, and traditional hay quality, feeding and storage practices. Improving quality of forage through harvest timing and method will also be included.

Alleviating Tall Fescue Toxicosis Extension Program

This program will develop a regional tall fescue toxicosis multi-day workshop incorporating lectures, demonstrations and economic evaluation of practices.