Undergraduate Majors & Programs in ESPS

plant disease diagnosis students

 Bachelor of Science in Soils and Sustainable Crop Systems*

 *Bachelor of Science in Plant and Environmental Sciences                        (name change effective August 2014)

   Soils and Sustainable Crop Systems (SSCS) is a multi-disciplinary degree program in agriculture designed to provide students with expertise in soils, crop sciences, or applied agricultural biotechnology.

    SSCS offers students a science-based degree with educational opportunities in managing agricultural commodities along with soil and water resources. Academic advisors help students tailor individual programs to fit their own professional and academic goals.

     Students will graduate with the scientific, technical, and practical skills needed to compete in diverse careers or continue on in graduate school.

Soils and Sustainable Crop Systems Concentrations

Agricultural Biotechnology
Soil and Water Environmental Science  (**Soil and Water Science)
Sustainable Crop Production (** Agronomy)
(** name changes effective August 2014)

Bachelor of Science in Biological Sciences with Entomology Emphasis

Undergraduate majors in Biological Sciences can follow a curriculum that results in a degree with an emphasis in Entomology. Entomology is the scientific discipline devoted to the study of insects.  To read more about this program, visit Biological Sciences online.
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