Concentration in Sustainable Crop Production*

* Concentration in Agronomy (name change effective August 2014)

Undergraduate students with a concentration in Sustainable Crop Production will graduate with comprehensive knowledge of how to increase farm profits by decreasing the costs of crop and livestock production; build soil fertility through rotations, multiple cropping, and nutrient cycling; protect the environment by minimizing or more efficiently using synthetic agrichemicals; manage crop pests and weeds with integrated, ecologically sound strategies; develop strategies for profitable marketing of agricultural commodities; and create a strong, diversified agriculture that is stable through market and weather fluctuations.

Graduates from this concentration will be abe to successfully assume positions as self-employed farmers, farm managers, state and federal natural resource managers, research technicians, agricultural industry employees (e.g., farming equipment and supplies, agricultural chemicals), greenhouse managers, consultants in pest management and sustainable agriculture, field ecology professionals, agritourism industry specialists, extension personnel, or regulatory officers.

Program number:

Sustainable Crop Production - 121

Sustainable Crop Production Curriculum

For questions, contact:

Dr. Pat Zungoli
Dr. Nishanth Tharayil



Tractor planting machine in field.