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Faculty & Staff Directory





Cathy Bodinof Jachowski Assistant Professor 864-656-2849
Robert Baldwin Professor, Conservation Biology/GIS 864-656-1776
Kyle Barrett Assistant Professor of Aquatic Ecology 864-656-1847
Vickie Byko Administrative Assistant 864-656-3303
Brenna Byler Administrative Assistant 864-656-0168
Katie Callahan Director, CU Center for Watershed Excellence 864-646-2158
Wayne Chao Research Specialist III 864-656-3117
Alex Chow Associate Professor 843-546-1013 x 232
William Conner Professor 843-546-6323
James Davis Senior Lecturer 864-656-0179
Jamie Duberstein Research Assistant Professor 706-410-6722
Troy Farmer Assistant Professor of Fisheries Ecology 864-656-2932
Dr. Lawrence Gering Associate Professor 864-656-4853
Brenda Green Accountant/Fiscal Analyst II 864-656-4837
Susan Guynn Extension Associate 864-656-0606
Donald Hagan Assistant Professor of Forest Ecology 864-656-7333
Daniel Hanks Postdoc
W. Heaton Extension Assistant Professor
Jennifer Hooper Administrative Assistant/HR 864-656-0626
Althea Hotaling Hagan Director: Online Masters in Wildlife and Fisheries Biology Program 864-656-4823
David Jachowski Assistant Professor of Wildlife Ecology 864-656-2138
Mimi Jenkins Graduate Research Assistant
Patrick Jodice Associate Professor 864-656-6190
Alan Johnson Associate Professor 864-656-4390
Richard Kaminski, Ph.D. Director, James C. Kennedy Waterfowl & Wetlands Conservation Center 843-344-2811
Andrea Kesler Administrative Assistant 864-656-3302
Puskar Khanal Assistant Professor 864-656-3079
J. Drew Lanham Alumni Distinguished Professor of Wildlife Ecology 864-656-7294
Patricia Layton Professor of Forestry 864-505-5904
Patrick McMillan Hilliard Professor of Environmental Sustainability 864-506-5549
Snehal Mhatre
Dr. Elena Mikhailova Professor of Soil Science 864-656-3535
Marzieh Motallebi Assistant Professor 843-546-1013
Eric Nelson Adjunct Professor
Tom O'Halloran Assistant Professor 843-546-1013
Christopher Parkinson Professor 864-656-3058
Brandon Peoples Assistant Professor of Fisheries Ecology 864-656-4855
Jeremy Pike Aquatic Scientist 864-656-6306
Dr. Christopher Post Professor of Environmental Information Science 864-656-6939
Thomas R. Rainwater Research Scientist / Wildlife Research Coordinator 806-239-5472
John Rodgers, Jr. Professor 864-656-0492
Shari Rodriguez Assistant Professor of Human Dimensions of Wildlife 864-656-0430
Beth Ross Assistant Professor 864-656-4141
Amy Sanders Student Services Coordinator / Academic Advisor 864-656-4840
Yvan Satgé Wildlife Biologist I 864-656-2622
Mark Scott Adjunct Faculty 864-654-6346
Bo Song Associate Professor 843-545-5673
Michael Stephens Lab Specialist II 864-656-4044
Thomas Straka Professor 864-656-4827
Skip Van Bloem Professor 843-546-1013
G. Geoff Wang Professor 864-656-4864
Rick Willey Extension 4-H Natural Resource Specialist 864-656-3090
Thomas Williams Professor Emeritus 843-546-6318
Greg Yarrow Chair and Professor 864-656-3302

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