Culinary Nutrition

Team Mentor:

Dr. Marge Condrasky, Associate Professor
Dept. Food Science and Human Nutrition


  • Assess needs development and testing of culinary nutrition materials and recipes.


Culinary Nutrition is the integration of culinary skills and nutrition knowledge to create an innovative outlook on food prepared with culinary confidence and nutrition alertness. Simply put, it’s the vision behind creating healthy, tasty food that nourishes the body while pleasing the palate.

The Culinary Nutrition team’s focus is to investigate different ingredients, focusing on their nutritious properties. This team develops and tests healthy recipes that highlight individual ingredients. They also research information, such as availability, history, varieties, uses and nutrition composition, regarding these ingredients. The recipes and information are then used by the American Culinary Federation for their “Healthy Ingredient of the Month,” a free downloadable guide featuring a new nutritional ingredient for chefs to incorporate into their menus:

Strawberry Cucumber Gazpacho.
The Culinary Nutrition team prepares a healthy, color-infused Corn and Bean Salsa as a healthy appetizer.
Corn and Bean Salsa
The Culinary Nutrition team purees up a nutrient-packed Strawberry Cucumber Gazpacho.