The Discovery, Creation and Launch of the Next Great Clemson Ice Cream Innovation

Team Mentor:

Dr. John McGregor, Professor
Dept. Food Science and Human Nutrition

Team Objectives

  1. Develop and test market new ice cream flavors for Clemson’s ’55 Exchange. 
  2. Conduct heat penetration experiments to develop a shelf stable, retort processed ice cream product for kids.
  3. Write a draft proposal plan to enter the shelf stable ice cream product for kids in the 2010 IFT (Institute of Food Technologists) new product development competition.

Topic: Strawberry Ice Cream Flavor Standards

Students: Kristiaan Fish, James Madox, Kolisetti Sweta, Sterling Capotosti, Alyssa Bransley, Madore Caitlin, Hanna Santoro, Melissa Ciccone, Nakita Kappel, Stephanie Suhoza

Abstract: The purpose of this investigation is to determine if the National Ice Cream Retailer's Association (NICRA) flavor standard for strawberry ice cream represents the preference of consumers. A sensory preference taste panel will be conducted on strawberry ice creams formulated with purees made from four different sources: Individually Quick Frozen (IQF) strawberries, processed strawberry puree, fresh strawberries, and artificial strawberry flavoring. Panelists will rank the four ice cream samples from least preferred to most preferred. It is predicted that given the choice between IQF , processed, fresh, and artificial flavoring; the consumer will prefer the product closest to the NICRA standard. This project was partially supported by Creative Inquiry, and Grant Research for National Ice Cream Retailer's Association.