Entrepeneurial Design and Development

Team Mentor:

Dr. Andrew Hurley, Assistant Professor
Dept. of Food, Nutrition and Packaging Sciences

Topic: Pyro Mataches Package Design

Students: Rachel Randall, Dan Hutcherson, Josh Galvarino, Joanna Fishcher, Katie Thackston

Abstract: This project was developed with guidelines given from IOPP's 48 hour Repack student design challenge. By researching current problems associated with match packaging, students brainstormed and developed a new and innovative match package. The Pryo match package design process began with a careful evaluation of the current packaging of matches. After much consideration, it was determined that the current box for wooden matches was lacking and in much need of a redesign. The conventional tray and sleeve combination that is used to house wooden matches makes it difficult for users to hold while striking the match. When the sleeve is removed, the matches become exposed and chances of spillage increase. The tray does not provide a single match dispensing system, increasing users interaction time with the packagge. Finally, the material currently used for the package is neither sustainable nor waterproof, making it a poor choice. This research combines the aspects of package design and research to develop new products and packages that are innovative and eye-catching.