Industry Interactions: Connecting Students with Companies

Team Mentor:

Mr. Bob Moore, Lecturer
Dept. of Food, Nutrition and Packaging Sciences

Topic: The Original Modern Package

Student: Rebecca Brown

How has iconic packaging progressed to accommodate modern packaging materials, specifically the new aluminum Coca-Cola bottles? I was prompted to choose this topic due to Coca-Cola's new and fascinating use of aluminum for creating bottles that mimic the original shape of their classic glass bottles. I find this a smart marketing move and plan on researching all of the benefits and drawbacks the Coca-Cola Company has encountered by using this type of packaging. I plan on completing a complete profile on the aluminum Coca-Cola bottle which will include how it is made, what are the specifics that go into production, and how it compares to the old glass manufacturing process. This research will help better the community's knowledge on new forms of packaging and the ecological benefits they can provide.