Nutrition Education Intervention with Clemson Students

Team Mentor:

Rita Haliena
DPD Director and Lecturer
Food, Nutrition and Packaging Sciences

Objective: To provide nutritional information to college students to promote healthy eating habits that result in long-term behavior change.

Topic: Nutrition Education Intervention with Clemson Students

The transition from high school to college may be difficult for many young adults. Weight gain may be one of the results of this difficult transition as a result of stress, increased snacking, and changes in exercise habits to name a few. According to a study by Gropper, et al (Journal of American College Health, 2009), the "freshman 15", referring to a weight gain of 15 pounds during  the first year of college, may be a myth. According to the study the researchers found 2/3 of the students did gain weight over the first year but only about 5% of the over 200 students gained the famous "freshman 15". To enhance the nutritional knowledge of Clemson freshman and hopefully eating behaviors, this creative inquiry for the past two semesters have designed nine interactive information tables at several dining halls. Evaluation techniques will be utilized to determine the overall effectiveness.

Nancy Teston
Mary Margaret
Vanessa Barrow
Katelyn Berisha
Kerrie Bond
Donna Boyd
Jo Corley
Josh Downey
Matthew Francis
Valerie Smith
Rebecca Stout
Kylie Walford

CI Information Table