A Nutrition Education and Life-Style Intervention for Type 2 Diabetes

Team Mentor:

Dr. Vivian Haley-Zitlin, Associate Professor,
Dept. Food Science and Human Nutrition


  • Identify lifestyle factors of a pre-diabetes population, examine current strategies to address a diagnosis of pre-diabetes and develop intervention techniques to prevent a diagnosis of type 2 diabetes.

Topic: Development of a Diabetes Education Intervention

Students:  Gabrielle Judd, Emily Lemmerick, Lauren Peagler, Anna Vaughan, Wayne Byrd, Caitlyn White, Jenna Rojek, Patricia Fedele, Natalie Roberts, Sarah Borowicz

Diabetes is on the rise in the US; 25.8 million adults and children have this disease (ADA, 2012). The incidence has risen in the American population, 7.8% to 8.3%, in the last 3 years. The SC adult population with diabetes is > 9% (CDC, 2011) and SC has always been one of the states with the highest percentage of the disease for the last 15 years. Action has begun across the state to spread awareness, prevention, and counseling to those at risk and already diagnosed. The Clemson Diabetes CI team has developed educational tools for counseling diabetic patients on improving their health and lifestyles. These include lessons to be delivered in group settings and cookbooks for individuals. We plan to use group education of lifestyle improvements and one-on-one support educational strategies to improve the lives of the patients while discovering which method is best accepted by patients.