Food, Culinology, Nutrition, and Packaging Science Collaborative Undergraduate Research

Course Title:

Food, Nutrition, and Packaging Sciences Collaborative Undergraduate Research: A Creative Inquiry Focusing on the Development of Healthy Food Products for Children  

Team Mentors:

Dr. Marge Condrasky, Dr. Duncan Darby, Dr. Aubrey Coffee, Alexa Weeks


  • To create a collaborative environment for students from all majors and emphasis areas within the Food, Nutrition, and Packaging Sciences Department.

  • To establish a cohesive, replicable framework for implementing a cross-disciplinary curriculum that improves the industry readiness of graduates.

  • To promote student self-efficacy in terms of new product development skills.

  • To demonstrate the benefits of experiential learning with guidance from faculty members from all areas of the FNPS Department.


Development of Healthy Food Products for Children



Food, Nutrition, and Packaging Sciences Department sophomores participate in the two-part cohesive and synergistic curriculum incorporated into the already active and successful student led undergraduate research Creative Inquiry (CI) model demonstrating researched-based, hands-on education benefits students more than classroom lectures and theoretical education.

The two semester program focuses on healthy children’s food product development and sustainable packaging including discussions by faculty and industry leaders, hands-on culinary demonstrations, recipe substitution exercises, and packaging fundamentals and design.


Join us for Fall 2013!

Dr. Marge Condrasky 

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