Packaging Laboratories and Service Centers

CEFPACK membership gives you access to a range of Packaging Laboratories and Service Centers to conduct testing. Under membership contracts, the following campus laboratories are available for testing purposes.

The DuPont "Miracles of Science" Laboratory:  The DuPont Lab houses equipment for converting materials into packages as well as testing the physical properties of such materials. Equipment includes: Monolayer cast film, three layer blown film, adhesive lamination (100% solids, and solvent), a slitter, stand up and pillow pouch maker, vertical form film and seal, shrink tunnel, and heated tooling and impulse sealers. Testing equipment includes: environmental chambers, package integrity, thermal analysis, and material property testing. Click to go to Laboratory website HERE.

Cryovac® Flavour Mark™ Retort Laboratory: Retort pouches have been a growth market in the packaging industry over the last several years. Clemson has been ahead of the curve in this field and has taken a huge leap forward with the newly renovated Cryovac® Flavour Mark™ Retort Laboratory. With ample space and two retorts top level testing and research can be done quickly and efficiently. Production equipment includes: Retort Chambers, cup and pouch fillers and sealers, and bio polymer film caster. Testing equipment includes: Color, food oxidation, HPLC, moisture/ water activity, headspace, and texture analyzing equipment. Click to go to Laboratory website HERE.

The Sonoco Transport Package Testing Laboratory: Once primary packages have been created they must be unitized for shipment by truck, train, air or rail. These shipping environments can be simulated in our labs. Packages can be tested and observed to determine the time and types of failures. This information is then used to redesign the products or packaging. Testing equipment includes: Clamp truck, compression, shock, cushion, vibration, and drop testing equipment. Click to go to Laboratory website HERE.

Organoleptic Sensory Lab: Sensory evaluation projects typically include design of study, evaluation protocol, recruiting and training panelist, preparation of products to be evaluated, execution of test, statistical analysis and record keeping. Click to go to Laboratory website HERE.

The Sonoco Institute of Packaging Design and Graphics: Housed in the Harris A Smith Building, the laboratory is a state of the art design center where Packaging and Graphic Communications students can collaborate and create synergy in the design and printing of packages. Equipment includes prototyping and printing equipment.  Click to go to Laboratory website HERE.

** Members are allowed to spend 1/3 of their membership dues at the Sonoco Institute**