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CEFPACK Membership Information

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Benefits of CEFPACK include:

o   $30,000 3-year membership payable in $10,000/year installments

o   Membership fee works like a debit card against which services are charged

o   All work is confidential – all rights retained by member

o   Work can range from MVTR measurements on a few samples to a major product evaluation

o   Members receive a 20% discount from published testing and equipment utilization fees

o   Members can participate in a semi-annual members-only technical meeting on campus

o   Full access to the printing, design and prototyping capabilities of the Sonoco Institute of Packaging
     Design and Graphics

o   Faculty consultation to support testing is included

Transport testing in an ISTA-certified laboratory

  • Test planning and reporting included
  • High speed photography available
  • Half-day and daily rates

Approved food preparation environment

  • Areas of study

    • Food preparation

    • Pouch-filling

    • Lab-scale and commercial-size retorts

  • Daily rates or through CEFPACK membership

See our website for a full listing of CEFPACK capabilities:

For other questions regarding CEFPACK, please contact Pat Marcondes at: or 864.650.5830