The Dupont "Miracles of Science" Labratory

The first step in creating new packaging is creating the materials. In the DuPont Lab plastics are extruded filled and sealed to create various forms of flexible packaging.

The Dupont “Miracles of Science” Packaging Evaluation Laboratory offers a wide range of equipment for package testing. 


  • Blown Film Line
  • Cast Film Line


  • Solventless Line
  • Solvent/ water Line

Package Integrity:

  • Visual Check
  • Burst Test
  • Lippke

Heated Tooling and Impulse Sealer:

  • Hot Tack
  • Sentinals
  • Bench top

Pouch Making:

  • Keypack
  • Horizontal Flat Plate


Thermal Analysis:

  • TGA
  • TMA
  • DSC
  • DMA

Material Testing:

  • Satec
  • COF
  • Elmendorf
  • Dart Drop
  • Gelbo Flex
  • Rub Test
  • Microscope
  • FTIR

Environmental Chambers

Shrink Tunnel