Thomas A. Trezza, Ph.D.


  • B.S. Food Science, University of California - Davis, December, 1990
  • M.S. Packaging Science, Clemson University, December, 1993
  • Thesis topic: Barrier and sealing properties of biopolymer coated paper for use as food packaging
  • Ph.D., Food Science, University of California – Davis, June 1999
  • Dissertation topic: Surface chemistry and adhesion properties of biopolymer coatings for food and packaging


Aug 1999 to present
Product Development Scientist/Manager, Frito Lay, Inc. Plano, TX.

Jan 2007 to present
Research Manager/Sr. Research Scientist

  • Lead and develop product development strategies for vegetable and fruit snacking innovation
  • Lead a team of 5-7 engineers, scientists and technicians on product and process development
  • Facilitate individual and team career development through formal (Performance Management Process) and informal (coaching) methods.
  • Lead cross-functional and interdivisional product and business strategic planning for brand
  • Provide technical thought leaderships and consulting on a wide variety of formulation, product and general food-science related problems across the R&D organization
  • Provide career coaching and mentor for team and junior associates

Feb 2003 to Jan 2007
Principal Scientist

  • Demonstrated multi-level technical and business leadership in developing and executing feasibility assessments plans for long-term, high growth potential product categories and processing platforms
  • Provide technical consulting/support as across the R&D organization
  • Developed consumer testing strategies for identifying new product potential for the company

Feb 2001 to Feb 2003
Project Scientist

  • Lead technical development of ingredient and processing, and technologies for snack foods
  • Led project teams in product development from concept through commercialization
  • Developed new what is the name at Frito for this--consumer testing methodology for understanding brand and category opportunities

Aug 1999 to Feb 2001
Product Development Scientist

  • Developed pretzel and baked snack items with retails sales of over $50MM annually
  • Led the product development commercialization of leading Frito Lay into a new Snack Mix category
  • Solved a variety or product development issues such as shelf-life, product appearance & quality, seasoning uniformity, among others

Dec 1993 – Sep 1995
Research Scientist, Mantrose-Haeuser Co., Attleboro, MA.

  • Developed coatings, packaging and functional ingredients for confectionery, foods, and pharmaceutical products
  • Supported Sales, Production, and Quality Assurance personnel to identify, respond to and solve customer product and application issues
  • Conducted formulation and scale-up applications utilizing conventional and automated panning, seasoning and other processing methods
  • Provided technical advice to customers and sales personnel

Feb 1991- Apr 1991
Research and Development Technician, Shaklee Co., Hayward, CA

  • Gained experience in QC Testing, granulation, compression, fluidized-bed coating and physical property measurement of solid dosage forms

Jun 1990 – Oct 1990
Process Engineering Technician, Hunt-Wesson, Oakdale and Davis, CA

  • Monitored process efficiency of tomato product processes formulations processing


Oct 1995 - Jun 1999

Graduate Assistant, UC Davis Dept. of Food Sci. & Tech., Davis, CA

  • Original research in the development of commercially feasible biopolymer coatings for foods
  • Development of physical models, formulations and testing methods for the evaluation of in wetting and absorption of coatings on foods and polymers, coating adhesion and emulsion stability

Winter Quarter 1998

Instructor: FST 50 “Introduction to Food Processing” for 57 undergraduates. Responsible for lecture and lab preparation and delivery, developing and administering exams, office hours, final grade assignments. Led graduate student in same course for 2 other quarters

June 1991 – Dec 1993

Graduate Assistant, Department of Packaging Science, Clemson Univ., Clemson, SC

  • Instructed senior level labs on physical methods of package testing
  • Conducted novel research on the properties and uses of biopolymer coated, paper-based packaging
  • Gained expertise in a wide array of packaging physical & chemical testing methods

1992 & 1993

Teaching Assistant: Responsible for planning, execution and grading for laboratory sections

Product Development Division Symposium Co-Chair, Developing Spicy, Pungent Foods, IFT Annual Expo & Meeting, July 2003, Chicago, IL
CIFST (Canadian Institute of Food Technology), Toronto, Ontario, Canada. 5 June 2001, Title:”An Overview of Commercial Uses of Edible Films and Coatings


  • Institute of Food Technologists (IFT) (1988 to present), Professional Member
  • Food Laws & Regulation Division Executive Committee - Member-at-Large (2002-2003)
  • American Association of Candy Technologists (AACT) (1993 to present)
  • American Chemical Society (2005 to present)


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  • Dimitroglou and Trezza .1998. Edible Adhesives. U.S. Patent # 5,827,553.


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Boyscouts of America: Cubscout Den leader (2006 to present), Merit Badge counselor.

Frito Lay Recruiting campus manager for UC Davis (2002 to 2006