Dr. Marge Condrasky

Associate Professor

Email: mcondra@clemson.edu
Office: (864)656-6554

Department of Food, Nutrition, and Packaging Sciences

216 Poole Agricultural Center

Department of Food, Nutrition, and Packaging Sciences
Box 340316
223 Poole Agricultural Center
Clemson, SC 29634-0316

Research interest:
1. Healthy Food Choices 2. Children Healthy Eating Reduce Obesity 3. Culinology® 4. Adult Culinary Nutrition Education

Culinology® at Clemson University is well known at the national level as well as internationally. The work of a team of faculty has ensured the solid foundation, incorporated Culinary Inquiry and planned for an integrated immersion approach as recognized in the 2012 USDA-HEC funded project. This focus engages the Food, Nutrition, Culinary and Packaging Science students and faculty. An example of my engagement in this work is the success of the product development course teams. It is through their polished technical reports as well as healthy new products that demonstrate the unity of department focus areas to produce graduates to meet the challenges of food needs for the future.

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