Dr. Johnny McGregor

Johnny McGregorProfessor
Faculty Advisor - '55 Exchange Student Enterprise (Clemson Ice Cream)

Email: johnny@clemson.edu
Office: 864.650.0817
Cell: 864.650.0817

Food Science and Human Nutrition

209 Poole Agriculture Center

Department of Food, Nutrition, and Packaging Sciences
Box 340316
223 Poole Agricultural Center
Clemson, SC 29634
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Ph.D. Mississippi State University
M.S. Louisiana State University
B.S. Clemson University

Teaching and Research
Faculty Advisor to '55 Exchange Student Enterprise (Clemson Ice Cream Operations)

Research interest:
Johnny's teaching and research experience is in the area of dairy product processing, quality assurance and culinary applications. He is especially interested in understanding how inter-related activities like speech, writing, and digital communication impact the learning of students engaged in practicum work experiences and internships. He is also recognized for coaching student teams that successfully compete each year in National Academic Competitions including the National Collegiate Dairy Products Evaluation Competition.

Boeneke, C. A., McGregor, J. U., Aryana, Kayanush-J. 2006. The effect of sweeteners on the acceptability of dairy-based espresso beverages. International Journal of Dairy Technology. Feb. 59(1):12-17.

L. F. Osorio , J. U. McGregor, J. S. Godber and N. Y. Farkye.2003. Effect of drying technologies on the microstructure of whole milk powder. ADSA annual meeting, Phoenix

Nanua, J. N., McGregor, J. U. Osorio, L. F. and Traylor S. 2002. Contribution of the products of fat hydrolysis to the frothing capacity of milk. International J. of Agric. and Rural Dev. Vol. 4

Perspectives in Food and Nutrition Sciences (FDSC 102)
Evaluation of Dairy Products (FDSC 304)
Dairy Processing and Sanitation (FDSC 430/630)
Total Quality Management for the Food and Packaging Industries (FDSC 409)




Additional Information:

South Carolina's Greenville News labeled Dr. McGregor with the alias of "Deep Freeze" and identified him as the source of an internal leak of Clemson University's new top secret ice cream flavor, Barker's Mud Pie. Barker's Mud Pie is named in honor of the University's President and First Lady, Jim and Marcia, and is a creation that was developed by Clemson students in collaboration with the Barkers, using ingredients found in the President's kitchen.