Food, Nutrition & Culinary Sciences, M.S. (Thesis)

The MS research thesis option requires a minimum of 24 credit hours of coursework and 6 credit hours of Research (FDSC 8910). Only 6000-level courses and higher may be used for graduate credit, and at least 12 credits of the 24 hours of coursework must be 8000-level or higher.

Required courses in the Food, Nutrition and Culinary Sciences (M.S.) program include:  

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- Statistical Methods 1*

- A one-credit seminar offered each spring

- 18 credit hours of advanced-level courses**

- Six credit hours of thesis research

In addition, a minimum GPA of 3.0 is required to maintain good academic standing and to be eligible for graduation.

*Or its equivalent
**May include classes in food science or in such areas a animal and veterninary sciences, biochemistry, chemistry, cell biology, microbiology, nutrition or statistics

Coursework must be approved by each student’s Graduate Committee which is comprised of a major advisor and two other faculty. The student must complete an in-depth research project, defend the research thesis to the committee, and complete a thesis approved by the Committee and the Graduate School.

Each student is strongly encouraged to select a major faculty advisor before starting a graduate degree. 

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Dr. Paul Dawson
Professor and Graduate Coordinator
Food Science and Human Nutrition

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