Food Science Team Preparing New Dairy Beverage for Competition

A team of three Clemson graduate students and research assistants in the Food Science program have been selected as finalists for the Dairy Research Institute’s New Product Competition and are preparing to submit samples of their formulated dairy beverage to judges later this month.

One of just six finalists across the country, Clemson’s team has been busy applying dairy industry information to their new beverage creation. Their objective: to “develop a cutting-edge dairy beverage that meets the changing needs of the consumer market place with a good tasting, healthy and affordable product”. During this second stage of the competition they have conducted a sensory panel, allowing participants to sample their beverage against some of the current market trends, and have also worked with other packaging science students to help them develop a successful package for the beverage.

On May 30th, after having submitted the product to the judges, the team will complete a webinar presentation, during which they will pitch the beverage to the panel of judges. Following each team’s presentation, three winners will be selected and awarded in Phoenix in mid-July. 

Dairy Beverage
Team member, Jason Raines, prepares the dairy product.