Clemson Places Third in 2012 Paperboard Packaging Alliance (PPA) Competition

The Paperboard Packaging Alliance (PPA) has named a team of three Clemson Packaging Science students - Dan Zold, Matt Barber, and Kyle McMurphy – as third place winners in its fourth annual Student Design Challenge at a luncheon held in conjunction with PACK EXPO in Chicago this week. “The challenge is designed to foster awareness and appreciation of paperboard and paperboard packaging with university educators and the next generation of packaging decision makers”. This year, students were asked to “design a creative and functional movie theater candy package and explain how it could be merchandised”.

Starboard Sandwiches Starboard Sandwiches

With Dr. Andrew Hurley serving as an advisor, the Clemson team developed a product called “Starboard Sandwiches”. They created a colorful boat-shaped container that holds kids’ fast-food meals. “Since we wanted it to function as a proper boat,” the team explains, “we decided to put the heaviest part, the drink, in the center and the sandwich in the stern (back) so that the bow (front) of the boat would not be too heavy. The side pouch of carrots sits neatly on top of the sandwich and any condiments, napkins or straws are placed in through the opening at the front of the package.” A removable insert that functions as a coloring section and a boat facts panel were also designed in the package. And as an added plus, the boat actually floats on water!

Starboard Sandwiches

In total, twelve schools from across the country submitted numerous entries to the competition. Submission requirements included an actual prototype with design elements and a marketing plan, and were evaluated by a team of judges. The Clemson team will receive $1,000.

Complete Design Details of Clemson's “Starboard Sandwiches”

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