Senior Food Science Student Wins South Carolina Dietetic Association Outstanding Dietetics Student Award

Alex Musarra, a senior food science major, specializing in nutrition and dietetics, has been selected to receive the 2012 South Carolina Outstanding Dietetics Education Student Award based on a nomination submitted by Clemson DPD program director,  Rita Haliena. She will be honored at the upcoming SCDA Annual Meeting being held in Charleston, SC, April 13-14.

A student in the Calhoun Honors College, Alex has been heavily involved in the Clemson community and has held several leadership positions. She has served as a student ambassador for the College of Agriculture, Forestry, and Life Sciences since her sophomore year, a role in which she promotes the food science major and provides information to prospective students. Alex has also been a member of the Clemson Food Science and Human Nutrition club since her freshman year, serving as the club’s secretary for the past two years. As part of Dr. Vivian Haley-Zitin’s Creative Inquiry team, “Obesity within Adult Populations,” Alex helped design a community outreach and educational program for presenting the basics of nutrition and a healthy lifestyle to adult populations.

Her experience as a volunteer within the Clemson community is extensive as well. She has worked at the S.H.I.N.E Soup Kitchen in Easley, SC since 2009, where she helps prepare food for the public donated by local grocery stores and church groups. Alex has also volunteered at Clemson Community Care, where she helps arrange the food pantry and decides how to distribute the items within the facility. As a student intern at Greenville Hospital’s Heart and Life Center during the spring of 2011, she observed registered dietitians counsel patients of different needs, prepared posters on diseases related to nutrition for a promotional health fair, and participated in a food cooking demonstration for parents.

Alex’s career plans following graduation include obtaining a dietetics internship and then passing the Registered Dietitian exam. Other goals include furthering her education in a postgraduate degree program in either nutrition or public health, and then going into private practice where she can specialize in nutrition counseling and education.


Alex Musarra

Alex receiving award