Study Abroad in Belgium - Summer 2013

Come enjoy the history, culture, and food of Belgium while earning six hours of academic credit during a four week program studying in Brussels. Travel with FNPS faculty on course-related trips and have a once in a lifetime learning experience in the beautiful country of Belgium!

Belgian Waffle with Gelatto and Chocolate Sauce
Belgian waffle with gelatto and chocolate sauce
Salad du GuinchSalad du Guinch

Program Overview

  • Dates: July 1 - July 31, 2013 (Summer II)

  • Program Size: 12 students, along with faculty

  • Admissions: Open to Clemson and non-Clemson students of all majors

  • No prerequisite courses required

  • All students pay in-state tuition

    Informational Brochure and Handout

Students talking to vendor       Fruit Stand

Travel opportunities

Course-related activities will include tours of Ghent, Bruges, Dinant, Leuven, Tongeren, Antwerp, and Brussels.

In addition to wonderful cities in Belgium, such as Antwerp and Bruges, Brussels is in the heart of Europe – providing easy travel options to London, Paris, Amsterdam, & Cologne, all within a three-hour train ride.


Course Descriptions
FDSC 421/821 and IS 210 (Six total credits)

 Special Topic: Nutrition, Diet, and Health - An International Perspective
FDSC 421/821 (3 credits)

Taught by Dr. Katherine Cason, this course introduces you to the foods and flavors of Belgium and the role of nutrition in the Belgian diet. Students will explore concepts of nutrition and health-related practices, and the history, culture, and cuisine of Belgium. The course includes activities and visits to regional locations throughout Belgium and sampling of the various cuisines of the country.

Belgium Culture:
International Studies 210 (3 credits)

Taught by Madam Marie - Therese Claes, this course provides an overview of Belgian history and culture.

Application Form

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