Laptop Requirement

Packaging Science students are required to purchase a Macbook Pro laptop (13", 15" or 17"). We are recommending the 15" due to its price-point, screen size and portability, but the 13" and 17" are equally acceptable. Additionally, the computer must be equipped with Windows 7 and the Adobe Creative Suite (see below for details)
Incoming students are required to have access to Windows 7 in addition. If incoming students has access to their username and password, they may run an application that installs Windows 7 and the Boot Camp partition for free (follow the instructions on the website below):

Students may install a Boot Camp partition or run a virtual machine (we highly recommend Parallels). IF a student chooses to run Windows 7 virtually, then 8GB of ram are highly recommended.
Incoming Packaging Science students are required to have purchased the Adobe Creative Suite for the Mac. This, along with Parallels (not required) can both be purchased with substantial student discounts provided by the Clemson Apple Store. Below is the contact information:

Clemson Apple Store
(864) 656-1563
Summer Hours: M-F 9-4:30
Extra hours only on orientation days:
Monday & Thursday open until 5:30

The Clemson Apple Store is located in the Edgar Brown Student Union, the rear of Tillman Hall behind Cox Plaza. The Apple Store, along with Clemson's excellent computer repair department can handle all of your Apple needs. They are there not only to provide you with the products you need but help ease your transition from the Windows to the Mac environment.
Students who will empathize in design should also update their laptops to 8GB of RAM (memory). The best deal on RAM for your computer can be found at the below website:

Clemson University requires each department to choose "acceptable" and "preferred" computers from a list of pre-populated machines. Though the department is against enforcing the purchase of something that should be a personal decision, we strongly agreed that if required to select a model, we should take advantage of our resources and make a selection that best meets the needs of our students and teaching facilities. We hope you understand our reasoning and trust our judgment.
If you have any questions concerning the laptop purchase requirements, please visit CCIT's laptop support webpage:

If you have any questions about particular requirements or computer use as a Packaging Science major, please contact the design faculty member, Andrew Hurley (RUPERTH@CLEMSON.EDU).

Why does Packaging Science require a Mac?

The Department of Packaging Science's primary goal is to place students into our competitive marketplace; where our industry is split equally in terms of Mac/PC users. A portfolio that demonstrates years of experience on both systems ensures our students meets our industry's basic standards
The Sonoco Institute of Packaging Design and Graphics, a state-of-the-art packaging facility on campus, utilizes Mac-based laboratory. Millions of dollars have been invested in the hardware and software of this lab. In order to ensure success in the curriculum, having access to similar workflows greatly increases success in these courses.

Packaging majors have exclusive access to Mac Automator scripts and SMB mountable servers hosted in our department. A Mac is required to utilize some of these resources

The department keeps an image of all the university required software, operating systems and system partitions on file. When a catastrophe occurs, we can easily restore system software.

Our diverse and experienced faculty has agreed to this requirement.

Mac computers are the only computers that have integrated mainstream methods of utilizing both OSX (Mac operating systems) and Windows either individually or concurrently. When PCs are able to launch OSX (Mac operating system), then we will make PCs acceptable for use in the department.