Course Descriptions

Packaging Science

PKGSC 1010 Packaging Orientation 1(1,0) Overview of the various principles and practices in packaging science, historical development, packaging as a career.

PKGSC 1020 Introduction to Packaging Science 2(2,0) Considers functions of a package; materials, processes, and technology used in package development; and the relationship of packaging to the corporation, consumer, and society as a whole. Preq: PKGSC 1010 or consent of instructor.

PKGSC 2010 Packaging Perishable Products 3(3,0) Covers fundamental characteristics and applications of various materials and systems used to package perishable products such as foods and pharmaceuticals. Discusses packaging issues regarding food, pharmaceutical, and medical packaging. Includes product/package interactions and packaging requirements to address basic theory in food and pharmaceutical protection. Preq: CH 2010, PKGSC 2020, or consent of instructor.

PKGSC 2020 Packaging Materials and Manufacturing 4(3,3) Detailed study of packaging materials including glass, metal, metal foils and sheets, wood, paper, paperboard, plastics, composites, adhesives, coatings, cushioning media; their functional properties in packaging application; laminating and combining of different packaging materials. Preq: PKGSC 1020 or consent of instructor.

PKGSC 2040 Container Systems (Rigid and Flexible) 3(3,0) Examination of all the packages and containers used to develop systems to distribute products. Compatibility of product and package, structural design, costs, and merchandising considerations are stressed. Preq: PKGSC 2020, 2060 (or concurrent enrollment) or consent of instructor.

PKGSC 2060 Container Systems Laboratory 1(0,3) Laboratory practice in sample making, designing and constructing various containers. Preq: PKGSC 2040 (or current enrollment).

PKGSC 2200 Package Drawing / CAD 2(1,3) Overview of practices specific to packaging design. Introduces drawing fundamentals and computer software as a means of technical drafting and creative expression. Focuses on perception, 2-D rendering, 3-D rendering, and graphic design programs.

PKGSC 3200 Package Design Fundamentals 3(2,3) Study of specific package design concepts. Students understand how the design affects manufacturing processes, costs, and protective functions; begin skill development using hand-drawing and model packages; then move to software-based design and real packages. Preq: CTE 1800, PKGSC 2040, 2060.

PKGSC 3680, H3680 Packaging and Society 3(3,0) Study of the role of packaging in society as it specifically relates to the responsibilities of the packaging scientist in protecting people and the environment. Includes study of packaging and environmental regulations and guidelines currently in place to achieve these goals. Ability to make informed decisions and ethical judgments is an encompassing goal.

PKGSC 4010, 6010 Packaging Machinery 3(3,0) Systematic study of types of machinery used to form, fill, seal, and handle various packaging, products, and packaging materials. Emphasizes basic mechanical, electrical, pneumatic, and hydraulic components of packaging machinery along with packaging machinery terminology. Discusses methods for machine line optimization and layout. Preq: PKGSC 2040, PHYS 2080, or consent of instructor.

PKGSC 4030 Packaging Career Preparation 1(1,0)  Preparation for a successful career in Packaging Science by completing the e-portfolio, and finalizing a resume and career e-portfolio. Refines career skills through role playing. Topics include presentations, interviewing, effective collaboration and communication, business and foreign travel etiquette. Coreq: PKGSC 4200, second semester senior standing or consent of instructor.

PKGSC 4040, H4040, 6040 Mechanical Properties of Packages and Principles of Protective Packaging 3(3,0) Study of the mechanical properties of products and packages and standard methods of determining these properties. Focuses on the functional properties of packages related to shock and vibration isolation and compression. Preq: MTHSC 1060, PHYS 2070, PKGSC 2040, or consent of instructor.

PKGSC (FDSC) 4090 Total Quality Management for Food and Packaging Industries 3(3,0) see FDSC 4090.

PKGSC 4160, 6160 Application of Polymers in Packaging 4(3,3)Detailed study of polymer science and engineering as applied to packaging science. Includes polymer morphology, rheology, physical properties, processing methods, and polymerization. Emphasizes relationships among processing, structure, and properties. Preq: PKGSC 2040, 2060; CH 2010 or 2230; PHYS 2070; or consent of instructor.

PKGSC 4200, 6200 Package Design and Development 3(2,3) Study of the principles and methods practiced in designing and developing packages and packaging systems, and of methods used to coordinate and analyze package development activities including interfacing with product development, manufacturing, marketing, purchasing, and accounting. Preq: Second semester Senior standing; PKGSC 3200, 3680, 4010, 4040, 4160, 4300, 4400, 4640, or consent of instructor.

PKGSC 4210 Special Problems in Packaging Science 1-4(0,3-12) Independent research investigations in packaging sciences related to packaging materials, machinery, design, and applications. Special emphasis is placed on organizing a research proposal, conducting research, and reporting results. May be repeated for a maximum of 15 credits. Preq: Consent of instructor.

PKGSC 4220 Selected topics in Packaging Science 1-3(1-3,0) Comprehensive study of selected topics in packaging science not covered in detail or contained in other courses. Contemporary developments in each area are stressed. May be repeated for a maximum of 15 credits, but only if different topics are covered. Preq: Consent of instructor.

PKGSC 4300 Converting for Flexible Packaging 3(1,6) Study of materials, methods, processes, and equipment used in converting web materials for flexible packaging. Laboratory provides hands-on experience preparing and operating pilot-scale converting equipment. Preq: PKGSC 2040, 2060; or consent of instructor.

PKGSC 4400, 6400 Packaging for Distribution 3(3,0)Packages are exposed to various shipping methods and numerous hazards during distribution. To ensure adequate product protection, packaging professionals need to understand the fundamental principles of distribution packaging design. Topics include ASTM and ISTA packaging test methods, packaging design guidelines for distribution hazards, and protective packaging materials. Preq: PKGSC 4540 or consent of instructor.

PKGSC 4540, 6540 Product and Package Evaluation Laboratory 1(0,3) Laboratory experiments to determine properties of packaging materials and evaluate the response of packages and products to shock, vibrations, and compression. Students operate standard testing equipment and become familiar with industry recognized test methods and standards. Preq: PKGSC 4040 (or concurrent enrollment).

PKGSC 4640, H4640, 6640 Food and Health Care Packaging Systems 4(3,3) Characteristics, engineering properties, and applications of various materials and systems used in the packaging of foods, pharmaceuticals, and medical devices. Packaging systems for specific food and medical applications are considered. Laboratory and field exercises on food and medical packaging operations and packaging materials are included. Emphasis is on evaluation methods. Preq: PKGSC 2010, 2040, 2060, or consent of instructor.

PKGSC 4990 Creative Inquiry – Packaging Science 1-4(1-4, 0) In consultation with and under the direction of a faculty member, students pursue scholarly activities individually or in teams. These creative inquiry projects may be interdisciplinary. Arrangements with mentors must be established prior to registration. May be repeated for a maximum of eight credits. To be taken pass/fail only.