Clubs and Organizations

Clemson University Student Chapter
The Wildlife Society

  • The CU Student Chapter is an affiliate of The Wildlife Society. TWS, founded in 1937, is a non-profit scientific and educational organization dedicated to sustainable management of wildlife resources and their habitats. The CU Student Chapter of The Wildlife Society provides events and activities to engage undergraduates and graduate students in issues involving wildlife, fisheries and forestry. Monthly guest speakers in the past have included subjects about radar research of neotropical migratory birds, cougar sightings in South Carolina, and the life and philosophy of Aldo Leopold.
    Faculty advisor - Dr. Rickie Davis.

Forestry Club

  • For information on the Forestry Club and membership information click on the link above.
    Faculty advisor - Dr. Tamara Cushing

Natural Resources Graduate Student Association

  • The NRGSA is committed to create, develop, and foster interaction between graduate students, staff, and faculty in different Departments and disciplines within the field of natural resources. Officers also strive to represent the interests of graduate students in natural resources and related fields to the Administration and the University at-large through the Graduate Student Government, and to disseminate information to graduate students in natural resources and related fields. Becoming an active participant of the NRGSA not only helps you excel professionally and academically, but also introduces you to students you may not otherwise meet. 
    Faculty advisor - Dr. Mary Beck

Society of American Foresters

  • The Clemson Student Chapter of the Society of American Foresters consists of approximately 140 members. For the past several years, the Clemson Student Chapter has led the nation's Forestry schools in both the number and percentage of students who are SAF members. The Chapter is very active, meeting biweekly with the Forestry Club. During the year, we invite several outside speakers who represent the Appalachian Section of SAF, the South Carolina Division of SAF, forest industry, and others to present programs. Student members work hard to present a good image of Forestry--they pick up litter along a stretch of highway on the Clemson Forest, they assist the student recruiter in locating summer and permanent jobs for students, and they perform community service projects, e.g. helping a needy family at Christmas. The Chapter also sends members to the national and regional SAF conventions.
    Faculty advisor - Dr. Tamara Cushing

Student Society of Arboriculture

  • The Student Society of Arboriculture is one of five Professional Affiliates of the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA). It's purpose is to link students in the forestry, horticulture, landscape architecture, and other departments with the inter-disciplinary field of arboriculture/urban tree care.
    Clemson's newly-formed chapter of SSA is off to an active start. Last school year, members attended the National Arborist Association's TCI Expo in the fall and the ISA Southern Chapter's conference in the spring. Tree pruning, inventory, and hazard assessment jobs in the local community have given students excellent practical experiences as well as sources of funding for the chapter. In addition to bi-weekly meetings, training days in tree climbing, pruning, and removal are held every two months in conjunction with volunteer work at the South Carolina Botanical Garden's Schoenike Arboretum.

Xi Sigma Pi

  • The objective of Clemson's Alpha Beta Chapter of Xi Sigma Pi is to secure and maintain a high standard of scholarship in forest resource management education and to work for the improvement of the forest resource management profession. Undergraduates who have completed 74 semester hours (at least 10 in forest resource management courses) and have an overall grade point average of 3.0 or better are eligible to become members. Graduate students with 10 or more semester hours in forest resource management and and overall grade point average of 3.5 are also eligible.Each year the Chapter holds an informal dinner at which new candidates are initiated into the club and welcomed by existing members, faculty, and staff. A telethon is held each spring wherein prospective forest resources freshmen are called by members and given an official welcome. This gives these prospective students and their parents a chance to ask questions concerning the Department and our curriculum and get student oriented responses. Also in the spring, Xi Sigma Pi sponsors the Department's annual Honors and Awards Banquet. Members of the club set the agenda, secure the location and speakers, and host the entire event. Other student clubs (Forestry Club, SAF Student Chapter, and Wildlife Society Student Chapter) likewise participate in this annual event.
    Faculty advisor - Dr. Vic Shelburne.