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USDA Forest Service

We are the largest forestry research organization in the world and the national and international leader in forest conservation. As part of the Forest Service, the largest agency in the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), our research contributes to the advancement of science and the conservation of many of our Nation's most valuable natural resources.

Forest Service Research and Development (R&D) scientists carry out basic and applied research to study biological, physical, and social sciences related to very diverse forests and rangelands. Public lands that make up the National Forest system comprise 1/20 of the entire land base in the United States. Our research promotes ecologically sound management of these vast natural resources. We also serve the Nation's private forest landowners, and we investigate new ways to process and recycle wood into products.
Our scientists work throughout the United States, from Florida to Alaska and from Maine to Hawaii. They perform research on university campuses, as well as in our own laboratories. Much of their research is outdoors, in forests and watersheds, on mountain tops and in grasslands. Research and Development is made up of 4 major areas. They are:

SC Department of Natural Resources

South Carolina Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit

Cooperative Research Units conduct research on renewable natural resource questions, participate in the education of graduate students destined to join the natural resource profession, provide technical assistance and consultation to parties who have interests in natural resource issues, and provide various forms of continuing education for natural resource professionals.

The Cooperative Research Units Program is a unique collaborative relationship between States, Universities, the Federal government and a non-profit organization. In fact, the 40 units in the program are jointly supported by:

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