What are Conservation Easements

Landowners interested in protecting the state’s natural resources now have a free online video guide to create a conservation easement for their property. The eight-segment video series walks landowners through how to decide if a conservation easement is right for them and , if so, how to apply for an easement.

To view the videos, you must have Adobe Flash Player installed. A free download is available through the link at left.
•    What are Conservation Easements (28 minutes)
•    Introduction to Conservation Easements (64 minutes)
•    Types of Easements (60 minutes)
•    Conservation Easements Grantees (26 minutes)
•    Income and Estate Taxes (63 minutes)
•    Designing Conservation Easements (49 minutes)
•    Baseline Data (33 minutes)
•    Qualified Appraisers (22 minutes)