Administrative Support for Graduate Students

Use of Equipment

  • Projectors (slide, movie, VCR, overhead, and computer) are available for check-out in Room 261. 

  • The copier in Room 253 may be used with permission of your advisor and in support of a research project.  Personal copies may be made in the P & A building on the copier at the top of the steps above the lobby ($.15/copy) or in Cooper Library ($.10 cash/copy or $.05/copy with Tiger 1 card). 

  • The FAX machine in Room 261 has the number 864-656-3304.

  • Departmental vehicles may be available for field research.  Enterprise rents vehicles for travel to professional meetings.  Your major advisor and the Department Chair must approve use of vehicles and any travel reimbursement for official business. 

  • Computers in Rooms 224 (2) and 265 (6) have software for word processing, spreadsheets, database, and GIS analysis.

  • Computers in Room 231 include 16 Windows NT workstations, 2 digitizing stations, large format plotter, and a printer.  This center is primarily used for GIS instruction.

  • Coffee and bottled water are available in Room 261.  The cost of coffee is $.50 per cup, or the Coffee Club may be joined for $5.00 per month.  Bottled water is free.  Those wishing to join the Coffee Club should check with Jeanne Campbell in Room 272B. 

Information and Communication Services

  • Mail may be picked up in Room 261; grad student mailboxes are sorted by first letter of last name.  Outgoing mail may be left in the appropriate boxes in Room 261 for pick-up.

  • The main departmental phone number is 656-3302.  The phone number in Room 224 is 656-7427 and Room 265 is 656-3054.  A long distance authorization code for use in research-related business can be obtained from your major advisor

  • University breaking news and matters of public safety and convenience are sent out to students and employees by email in an electronic publication called Inside Clemson.  The College newspaper, The Tiger, is free and published weekly.  An online version of The Tiger is available at:

Support Services

  • All personnel matters are handled by Gayle Estes in Room 261; paychecks are deposited electronically to the bank of your choice.

  • Purchasing – if a University VISA card is used for business or research needs, make sure you know the rules regarding allowable charges and limits before you use the card. This is really important!

  • Office space is assigned by the Graduate Coordinator. Any requests for a particular office or to change office assignment must be approved by the GC.