Doctoral Degree Requirements

See also WFBPHD, FRPHD Checklists (hyperlinked)



Advisory Committee appointed first semester, 4 members

Graduate Degree Curriculum Form, GS-2, submitted, mid-second semester ($25-$125 late fee assessed)

Credit hours required: 30 post-Master's; 60 post-Baccalaureate

Graduate level statistics

2 courses


Graduate Seminar)

2 x FNR 808

2 x FNR 808

Special Problems


Max 6 credits

Dissertation (doctoral research) credits



800 level credits

No specific requirement

Min 16 other than research and special problems; 8 must be FOR 800+

Preliminary research plan (title, methods, statistical design/analysis, literature review) approved prior to field research and by mid-second semester


Comprehensive, preliminary written and oral exam, near end of coursework (degree must be completed at least 6 months after but within 5 years of this exam)


GS5 submitted to Enrolled Services

Certification by The Wildlife Society ( Optional* NA

Final oral examination, (defense of dissertation)

GS7 submitted to Enrolled Services

Departmental Assessment Report filed with Deanna Burns, 171 P&A

Check dissertation formatting:

Dissertation uploaded:

Application to graduate, GS-4 form submitted

Thesis binding through Deanna Burns (; student pays for copies for AC members, family, friends; department pays for departmental copy.

*If the student wishes certification by TWS, the appropriate coursework can be included in the plan of study; those students whose career tracks indicate certification are encouraged to explore this very early in their program.

*See notes at Examinations, PhD FR