Guidelines for Faculty

Role of the Major Advisor

  • Ensures all requirements are met by the student.

  • Forwards GS-2 to Department Chair.

  • Ensures completion of Mandatory Training.

  • Ensures compliance with any regulated hazard protocols.

 Advisory Committee

  • Approves student’s program of study and research proposal

  • Provides relevant expertise and guidance.

  • Evaluates comprehensive/preliminary examinations and final defenses of theses and dissertations.

Role of the Graduate Coordinator

  • Maintains departmental graduate student files.

  • Ensure that students and committees meet all stated deadlines and requirements.

  • Notifies the faculty when GS-2 forms and research study plans are placed on file for each student.

  • Moderates disagreements over guidelines or disputes between major advisors and students. 

Role of the General Faculty

  • Determines the guidelines for all graduate degree programs.

  • Constitutes the final authority in all matters of dispute.  Any concern by individual faculty members about the plan or conduct of any graduate student's program should be presented to the Graduate Coordinator as soon as possible. The Graduate Coordinator wRole of theill communicate any concerns to the student's major advisor for possible action.  If the faculty member who raised the concern still wishes for the matter to be considered by the full faculty, the Graduate Coordinator will bring the matter before the faculty at a regular meeting. 

  • Has the authority to approve or reject all candidates for graduate degrees. 

  • May amend the guidelines for its graduate programs by a simple majority of those voting.  All faculty will be polled.