Master of Forest Resources Checklist

Appointment of Advisory Committee (AC)

The student, in consultation with the major advisor, selects a minimum of three (3) AC members.  A majority of the AC, including the major advisor, must be full-time tenure-track Clemson University faculty or members of the USFW COOP Unit.  Both the major advisor and at least half of the committee must hold rank in FNR.  If a minor is declared, this area must be represented on the committee.  Adjunct faculty may serve as committee members, but not as chair.

_______     Committee formed.

_______     Protocols and Hazardous Waste and Safety Training complete.     

Program of Study

The AC should meet by the middle of the first semester of residence to consider a study plan.  The study plan must include a minimum of 36 hours of graduate work with at least 18 hours in courses numbered 700 or above.  All forestry graduate students must register for two FOR 808 seminars.  MFR students must take a Special Problem course and prepare a report, which will be submitted to the advisory committee and the Department Chair.  The Special Problem should carry a minimum of 2 credits but should not exceed 4 credits per semester.  No more than 6 hours of credit for Special Problems can be applied toward the degree.  This includes FOR 707, FOR 807, and similar courses offered by other departments   The Clemson University Graduate Degree Curriculum Form (GS-2) should be submitted to the Graduate School by the middle of the second semester of residence.  A copy should be submitted to Deanna Burns for the Graduate Coordinator.

_______     Minimum of 36 hours total completed within six calendar years prior to
                     the date the degree is to be awarded.

_______     18 hours numbered 700 or above.

_______     FOR 808 x 2.

_______     No more than 6 total FOR 707 Special Problem credits.

_______     GS-2 form submitted to Enrolled Services (104D Sikes) and copy to
                     the Department.


_______     Final report of Special Problem project approved by advisory committee.

_______     Cap and gown ordered from bookstore (if attending ceremony).

_______     Final oral examination scheduled. (Notice of date, place and  time must be
                     sent to Enrolled Services, Dean, Department Chair, Faculty, and Advisory
                     Committee by the Major Advisor at least 10 days before the exam.)

_______     Results of final oral examination (GS-7) submitted by major advisor to Enrolled
                     Services, copy to Deanna Burns for file.

_______     Assessment Report submitted to Deanna Burns for file.

_______     Application to Graduate (GS-4) submitted to Enrolled Services

_______     Copy of Final Report of Special Problem project filed with the Department Chair.

Note:  This checklist is just a reminder. It is the student’s responsibility to know the deadlines and make sure the regulations are up-to-date. It is a good idea to check with the Graduate School before each deadline.