Doctor of Philosophy Checklist - Forest Resources

Appointment of Advisory Committee (AC)

The student, in consultation with the major advisor, will select a minimum of four (4) AC members, including one but no more than two from outside FNR.  A majority of the AC, including the major advisor, must be full-time, tenure-track Clemson University faculty or members of the USFW COOP Unit.  Both the major advisor and at least half of the committee must hold rank in FNR.  If a minor is declared, this area must be represented on the committee.  Adjunct faculty may serve as committee members, but not as chair.

________     Committee formed.

________     Protocols and Hazardous Waste and Safety Training complete.   


Research and Study Plans

The student, in consultation with the AC, will prepare a preliminary research plan with appropriate title, methods, statistical analysis, and literature review (see extensive instructions at Examinations/Ph.D. FR).  The AC should meet by the middle of the first semester of residence to consider the plan for research and program of study.  The Graduate Degree Curriculum form (GS-2) should be approved by the full committee and submitted to Enrolled Services by the middle of the second semester in residence.  A copy should be submitted to Deanna Burns for the Graduate Coordinator.  Students must have two FOR 808 classes and no more than six credit hours of Special Problems (FOR 807 and similar courses in other departments).

_________     First committee meeting.

_________     Research plan approved by advisory committee.

_________     Plan of study determined with major advisor.

_________     Minimum of 16 semester hours numbered 800 or above, exclusive
                         of dissertation research and Special Problem credits.

_________     Minimum of 18 semester hours of doctoral research.

_________     At least one-half of total hours 800-level or above, exclusive of  thesis
(Two hours of FOR 808 may be counted)

_________     FOR 808 x 2.

_________     No more that 6 total Special Problem credits.

_________     Graduate Degree Curriculum Plan of study approved by advisory committee.

_________     GS-2 form submitted to Enrolled Services, copy to Deanna Burns for file.

Admission to Candidacy

_________     Written preliminary examination completed.

_________     Oral preliminary exam. (Satisfactory completion of the preliminary examination
                         must occur no less than six months and no more than five years prior to the date
                         of graduation.)

_________     Assessment form submitted to Deanna Burns for file.

_________     GS-5 submitted to Enrolled Services, with copy to Deanna Burns for file.  


_________     Dissertation submitted to major advisor 3 weeks before submitting to AC.

_________     Dissertation submitted to AC at least 2 weeks before defense.

_________     Final oral examination (dissertation defense) scheduled.  (Notice of date,
                         place and time must be sent to Enrolled Services, Dean, Department Chair,
                         Faculty, and Advisory Committee by the Major Advisor at least 10 days before
                         the exam.)

_________     Results of final oral examination (GS-7) submitted by major advisor to
                         Enrolled Services, copy to Deanna Burns for file.

_________     Assessment Report submitted to Deanna Burns for file. 

_________     Application to Graduate (GS-4) submitted to Enrolled Services.

_________     Cap and gown ordered from bookstore if attending ceremony.

_________     Dissertation content approved by committee members.                   

_________     Dissertation submitted to Graduate School for formatting review.

_________     Final copy submitted to Graduate School by ETD.

_________     Order bound copies through Deanna Burns.

_________     Final copy of dissertation submitted to Department Chair.


Note.  This checklist is just a reminder.  It is the student’s responsibility to know the deadlines and make sure the regulations are up-to-date.  It is a good idea to check with the Graduate School before each deadline.