Vehicle Use Procedures

  • Keys and credit cards are available from the responsible faculty member.

  • For gas or oil from the Motor Pool, the vehicle’s fuel key and a Motor Pool user ID are needed. 

  • To receive a Motor Pool ID, contact Shelly at at least 2 days before purchasing gas or oil. 

  • State credit cards are in each vehicle to be used at any gas station in the United States that accepts credit cards. A PIN number is required.  Most faculty have a PIN number.  Credit cards cannot be used at the Motor Pool.

  • Department vehicles should be used only for field work or incidental local trips.  Use University Motor Pool vehicles for non-field work away from Clemson.

  • Report any vehicle maintenance or repair problems to the faculty member responsible for the vehicle.  Please be specific.

  • Fill out the Vehicle Log in the vehicle completely.

  • It is the responsibility of the driver to return the vehicle clean and with at least one-half tank of gas.

  • In the event of a vehicle breakdown, accident or emergency, contact the proper authorities and your major advisor or the main FNR office (864-656-3302).  When working outside of regular hours or in remote areas carry a cell phone and avoid working alone.