Master Series

Master Wildlifer II

Master Wildlifer is designed for landowners, land managers, and outdoors recreationists who are interested in including wildlife considerations into their current land management activities. Practicing land managers will find the course valuable in highlighting alternative management approaches for wildlife in forest and farm settings. Special emphasis is placed on wildlife species (game species) that currently offer landowners additional sources of income through recreational access fees. Course participants will obtain the knowledge and necessary tools to enhance habitat for a variety of wildlife species that can be enjoyed themselves, family, friends, and anyone interested in wildlife. To find more click on :

Master Naturalist Program

The South Carolina Master Naturalist Program is a field-based intensive course for citizens who wish to make a difference in helping to maintain the quality of our native ecosystems. During the course, training is provided to help participants learn how to ?read? the landscape, understand the underlying geology, specific inhabitants (birds, plants, mammals, etc.), ecology and the impacts of humans on the landscape including how we conserve our amazing natural environments. Through the Master Naturalist program, we hope to empower participants as volunteer citizen scientists to contribute their time and talents to responsible, science-based environmental stewardship. To find out more, click on:

Master Tree Farmer

The Master Tree Farmer Program is an intensive educational program designed to introduce landowners to many of the topics associated with forest management. The programs are not designed to make landowners into foresters but to acquaint landowners with forestry terms and concepts so they can effectively converse with foresters about the management of their property. We have documented that landowners are more willing to see forestry practiced on their land when they understand why things are done. The Master Tree Farmer courses are the only satellite broadcasts of their kind for forest landowners throughout the South. To find more click on :