Master of Science Degree (MS)

The MS is a research-oriented degree designed to enhance knowledge of a discipline.

  • For the MS degree in Forest Resources (FR) or Wildlife and Fisheries Biology (WFB). 
    • GRE:  All MS applicants must take or have taken the Graduate Record Examination within the past five years.
    • Requirements: 
      • The thesis MS (FR, WFB) requires a minimum of 24 semester hours of graduate coursework and six semester hours of thesis research. 
      • The non-thesis WFB option requires a minimum of 30 credits of classroom work.
      • Early in the program, the student prepares a research plan that forms the basis of the thesis.
      • The final oral examination and defense of thesis or WFB non-thesis project consists of a public presentation and a committee-based examination that includes not only defense of the research but also general subject matter knowledge.
    • Completion:  The MS degree must be completed within 6 years; a typical MS degree takes two years to complete.

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