Master Tree Farmer Mini-Series

Preparing for the Next Owner

This program is a three-session mini-series designed to assist you in planning for the future owner.

Landowners often invest decades of time and effort to manage their land and leave it and the forest in better condition than when they found it.  But what will happen to the land and the forest when you are no longer the owner?

Landowners can make preparations on who will own the land and how the land will be managed in the future. There are many possibilities available such as intergenerational transfer, generation skipping, conservation easements, gifting, and establishing certain business entities. This workshop will explore the options and steps landowners can take to plan for the future.

Session 1

Introduction and Overview

  • Self evaluation

  • Basics on how real estate passes

  • Basic estate planning

  • Transfer options

  • Steps for successful succession

Session 2

Strategies for Success 

  • Planning for and completing intergenerational transfer

Session 3

Strategies for Success

  • Conservation easements

  • Charitable giving

  • Choosing your option