Master Tree Farmer Mini-Series

Risks and Risk Management

Have you ever wondered why some landowners seem to have more problems in managing their land than others? One of the reasons may be their attention to the risks associated with land management. Planning for risks and managing to minimize their potertial can change their impact on your woodland.

Risks exist with every endeavor we face in life and this is certainly true with forest management. Examples include insects, diseases, drought, storms, fire, changing land uses, regulations, laws, taxes, climate change, invasive plants, and security. This three-week event will concentrate on the risks associated with forest management and allow landowners and natural resource professionals to consider how they can manage woodlands by planning for the problems they may face. Recognizing the risks that can exist and incorporating into your management plans options for dealing with and mitigating these risks can provide peace of mind and more productive woodlands.

Session 1

  • The changing landscape in the South –what it means for the private owner

  • Introduction to risk and risk management

  • Risk and landowner objective – understanding the connection

  • Wind, fire, drought and ice – examples and management/mitigation advice

  • Global climatic change and volatility – what this means to landowners 

Session 2

  • Understanding and Managing  Invasive Plants

  • Exotic and Native Insects & Diseases

  • Control issues

Session 3

  • Trespass, timber theft and contracts, boundary marking, liability

  • Regulations and Right-to-Practice Forestry Laws

  • Federal and state taxes and risk

  • What are my next steps for managing risk on my forest

  • Making a difference – the importance of getting involved and active in the forestry community