NRGSA Camp Activities

NRGSA CampNRGSA Service Event – Camp Wildwood

June 23 and 24, 2011

In June 2011, members of NRGSA spent two days at Kings Mountain State Park
teaching the forestry section of Camp Wildwood, a SC-DNR camp for rising 10th
graders. The camp focuses on teaching participants different aspects of forestry,
fisheries, wildlife, and hunting education. Ben Knapp, Lauren Pile, and Tyler Jones
NRGSA Campspent one day discussing forest communities, introducing campers to factors that affect species composition, and identifying indicator species for different site types. The second day was led by Tyler Jones, a certified arborist,
who taught campers the rope and saddle techniques of arboriculture, and campers were able to get experience with tree-climbing in a safe environment. The interest and enthusiasm of the campers made this an especially rewarding experience that was fun for all involved!