Seminar Announcements

Environmental Seminars

  • The final graduate seminar will meet Friday, Dec. 3 at 9:30-10:45 in 114 Lehotsky.  Speaking are the following:

T.J. Lyell (Cushing) - How can forest carbon offset projects benefit a private landowner?
Lauren Pile (Layton) - Non-native invasive plant species: survey and mapping
Tyler Van Hook (Cushing) - Gypsy moth defoliation effects in hardwood stands along the southernmost part of their range

  • Chris Peterson from UGA’s Plant Biology department asked me to disseminate the information about their seminar speaker this coming Monday @ 4:00 pm. The speaker is Phil Burton, and he’s with the Canadian Forest Service.  He will be talking about salvaging after natural disturbances and will likely talk about wind, fire, and beetle outbreaks as the agents of disturbance.